Unconstitutional - Wrong

This fall, Costa Mesa voters will be asked to vote on a measure that could cost taxpayers millions of dollars...

Stop the Power Grab

Measure Y is a special interest power grab that is just the latest in a series of endless battles between warring factions over which group of politicians will be in charge of our city. Now they’ve hijacked our citizen initiative process in the latest round of political food fights in Costa Mesa. Stop this latest power grab in Costa Mesa. Tell the politicians to stop fighting and start working for our City. Vote NO on the power grab!

Get the Facts Here …

Established special interests in the City that have benefitted from years of infighting and squabbling at City Hall have put Measure Y on the ballot, and it’s plainly unconstitutional and wrong for Costa Mesa.

If these special interests get their way, smart and responsible development in Costa Mesa will grind to a halt, stifling job creation and the expansion of the city’s tax base, contributing to blight and exposing the City to frivolous lawsuits.

Please vote NO on Measure Y and join your friends and neighbors who are Costa Mesans Against the Power Grab!


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Vote No on Measure Y